April 5-6, 2024 @ 10AM EDT

How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market as a Mental Health Therapist, CAM Provider, or Holistic Healer

If you're stuck with too many openings in your schedule despite trying all the "traditional" marketing efforts like handing out business cards, attending events, or putting up Google ads, this is for you.

Nailing your niche is one of the most fundamental aspects of a successful and profitable private practice...

According to a study by HubSpot, businesses with a specialized niche generate 68% more leads than those with a generic approach.

In a survey of over 500 small business owners, Duct Tape Marketing found that 58% of businesses that specified their target audience reported higher revenue compared to 42% of businesses that didn't.

In this 2-day FREE masterclass, you'll learn how to:

  • Differentiate between a specialty and a niche (hint: if you’re STILL marketing yourself as a “trauma therapist,” a “grief therapist,” or a “couples therapist,” etc., this is for you) so that clients already feel understood by you and have decided they're working with you even before picking up the phone to call your office for an appointment.
  • Convey your expertise in your industry so that you can charge premium fees for your services without relying on just insurance.
  • Get patients or clients to come back to you AND to tell others about your services by building strong relationships with referral sources in your industry.

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