9-month 1-1 consulting with allyson

Scale Your Therapy Practice:

Learn how to make $100K per year while seeing 9-12 clients per week as a therapist, holistic health practitioner, or alternative wellness provider.

hey there!

I’m Allyson

You’ve landed in the right place if you’re ready to wave goodbye to the narrative that being overworked and underpaid (like seeing 30 clients/week for $60/session – woof) is simply an occupational hazard of being a therapist.

But, you also desire a full caseload: one that is on *your* terms and looks like making a full-time income ($100k+/year) while working part-time hours (9-12 hours/week).

What would that look like in your life?

  • You’re making a deep impact on your clients because you have the mental and emotional bandwidth to bring your A-game to your sessions like never before
  • You’re working from wherever you want in the world, whether that is: an apartment in a busy Central European city (like me!), roaming across the vastness of North America in a van with your partner and dog, or seeing clients from a remote cabin in Appalachia
  • You’re honoring your commitment to your family by clocking off by 3pm every day, taking consistent 3-day weekends, and going out to dinner with your partner to celebrate the holiday flight you just booked

How can I paint such a vivid picture of what this looks like?

Because it’s exactly what I do (and because I know how to write compelling copy, too!). 

I’m an American licensed therapist living in Europe, seeing 9-12 clients/week while making over $100k/year. I’ve defied the typical private practice therapist’s expectations for schedule, income, location, and time freedom.

Ready to take a sledgehammer to those expectations?

You and your practice are about to leap – and I can’t wait to support you as you do!


Imagine if you could…

Run a business that feels aligned to your personality and values, and doesn’t rely on cookie-cutter marketing strategy (like handing out business cards or going to big in-person networking events) and STILL consistently brings in clients who are ready to do the work and pay your full fee without blinking an eye.

Just think of your business transforming into something EXCITING to wake up to do everyday, with clients who…

  • You instantly vibe with…
  • Are looking for the exact services you feel called to provide…
  • Are able and willing to pay your premium cash rates week after week…
  • Make amazing changes in their life as a result of working with you!

If you’re TRULY ready for the profitable marketing strategy and business model to help scale your therapy practice to $100k per year while seeing 9-12 clients a week, then you’re in the right place.

Together, we’ll make the tweaks necessary to take your private practice to $8-10K+ income months and $100k income years as a…


Therapist: Mental health therapists, physical therapists, massage therapists, etc.


Holistic healer/health practitioner: Reiki masters, yoga teachers, RFT, EFT, RTT, shamans, etc.


Alternative wellness provider: Chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, Chinese medicine practitioners, etc.

Here’s what we WON’T be doing to help scale your practice:

  • Bro marketing: nothing that feels pushy, slimy, or dishonest. Marketing sans cringe.
  • Using social media to market to potential clients. No hashtags or any face-on-video required!
  • In-person networking: all of my marketing, including networking, is done remotely.

My clients work with me to do these 3 things…

Identify & Clarify

Identify and clarify the specific problems that MORE people are willing to pay premium fees for you to help solve.

There will be no question about whether or not your service is worth paying premium fees for.

Content & Copy

Learn how to write marketing and advertising copy with “Whoa, you’re in my head” level of specificity.

Add in tangibility so that potential clients can already feel what it’s like to work with you. This way, they won’t even hesitate to reach out to you.

We will write your copy together, or you’ll send me what you already have and I’ll line-by-line rewrite it – and explain why – to make it juicy and valuable to your ideal client.

Visibility & Relationships

Get in front of your ideal client by developing genuine relationships with other professionals that keeps client inquiries coming in regularly.

How I guide you

The marketing I teach…

The marketing I teach my clients (and implemented myself to work 9-12 hours a week and hit 100K per year in my practice) defies the industry standard of:

  • how to market
  • what amount to charge
  • and what caseload numbers are normal as a therapist.

My clients learn how to leave behind whatever is not working (like insurance or offering low rates they can’t afford to charge) because they’re DONE making any less than the 6-figure income they can and should be making.

My clients learn how to fill their caseload with full-fee clients in FEWER hours – clients they ENJOY working with and get amazing results for.

My clients have big plans and dreams for the future of their practice. They are ready. They just aren’t sure HOW to get there.

They have followed the industry advice on how to market their therapy practice, maybe even dipped their toes in the water of full-fee clients, but MUCH of the advice is superficial. It brings lackluster results. It’s frustrating.

It hasn’t brought them to 6-figures and beyond: the income they know they are capable of, the income that matches how much they love their job and the time, effort, and skill they put into it.

That’s where I come in.

we were taught how to treat our clients

not how to market to them

Because of the investments I made in myself and my business, the implementation, and my faith in myself, I quit working for other people forever, and I pivoted overnight into a full-time private practice owner and CEO in 2022.

I began a new life in Europe shortly thereafter, and I’ve been abroad ever since.

I was doing well…

…But I wanted more.

I wanted a life of freedom, adventure, and choice. I want to travel 3+ months out of the year and move to different countries and continents a few times over.

I realized that, in order to get to $10,000+ months (seeing clients for about 9-12 hours per week), I needed to empower myself to take a look at my business and to start trying new, creative, and innovative things.

By critically looking at my business, I finally started to see why I wasn’t hitting my ideal caseload and income numbers each month – despite believing I was doing “all the marketing things” I was taught to do – and probably why you aren’t, either.

And this is exactly what you will learn to do…

…So that you avoid the missed marketing strategies that potentially lose you TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars (or more) in profit…

✔️ Position yourself so that clients readily and easily schedule with you, regardless of your fees.

You’ll be trusted and seen as the expert.

If you want to hit 6-figures and work under 12 hours per week, you have to position yourself differently.

THIS is what will catapult you to $8-10k months.

Ready to be the OBVIOUS therapist choice for your next client?

✔️ Change up your online copy to get creepily specific. This is what will attract your perfect-fit clients who are ready to do the work.

You’ll learn how to write copy that gets “she’s in my head” specific.

You’ll learn how to turn jargon, like “attachment style” and even “trauma”, into client-friendly, specific, tangible language that justifies your higher pricing and makes hiring you a no-brainer.

Most likely, your current copy is fluffy and vague, all about you, and full of therapist jargon your potential clients DON’T understand – and it’s keeping you from 6-figures because it’s confusing and missing information. A confused client doesn’t buy.

I help my clients put into tangible words who they work with, what problems they solve, and what the client’s life will look like after therapy in a way your future clients understand, see the value in paying for, and WANT to work with you starting THIS week.

✔️ Fill your client pipeline with new leads each month without ever posting on social media.

You’ll learn my creative strategy to get access to dozens of referrals a month.

You’ll learn how to network without awkwardness, dread, or cringing.

You’ll learn out-of-the-box networking strategies to double your referral relationships and sources from anywhere in the world.

You’ll skyrocket your visibility so that clients FIND you and you wake up to emails from potential clients asking to schedule an appointment with you.

Does this sound like your next path to hit $100k?

I now have a thriving private-pay therapy practice that is positioned to expand into a group practice, income that is in the range of $10,000 – 14,000 per month while seeing clients 9-12 hours per week, and enough free time and resources to dedicate to traveling and working on my second business (where I teach YOU how to run this type of business too!).

This level of freedom and fulfillment is for YOU, too.

Scale Your Therapy Practice to 6-Figures is the long-term 1-1 program I needed but didn’t have when I was starting out a couple of years ago: it goes in depth and is backed by data, numbers, logic, and strategy – no fluff content and I won’t use kid gloves with you.

This is a 9-month program where we’ll work side-by-side to identify the gaps in your therapy business and marketing plan causing you to over-work, over-hustle, under-market, and under-charge so that we can take you from an insurance-based or low-fee provider to an exclusively premium-rate niched specialist, and start to increase your income in a sustainable, predictable way to be ready to hit the 8k-10k+ per month and the $100k-year mark.

I’m Ready Now!

What does working with me for 9 months look like?

Personalized copy rewrites that infuse your personality and expertise into your content, while positioning YOU as THE therapist to hire.

With full content feedback, audits, and done-with-you suggestions on your bio/About Me page, directory listing(s), and website pages, you’ll learn how to convert potential clients at higher and faster rates than what is typical and standard in the industry.

Re-writes and content feedback at this level is something unheard of in our industry. The coaches will give you an outline or a general idea of what to write, but I go ten steps further by personally rewriting your copy in ways that are clear, specific, visual, free of jargon, and results-focused so that you walk away with completed copy to immediately implement for more client conversions.

You’ll have access to me during office hours Monday through Friday in Telegram (a free, encrypted voice memo and texting app, similar to WhatsApp, but better).

Send me a voice memo at any time with questions you have about how to word your service pages on your website.

Send me a text about a recent client inquiry you had and how to answer their questions about not using insurance.

Let’s review your financial policies side-by-side and change what’s not working to quantum leap you over the 6-figure mark.

18 private calls (30 minutes each, bi-weekly) to review your marketing strategy so that you’re confident it’s clear, streamlined, logical, and effective.

Let’s nail your niche together and come up with wicked-specific, $100k-worthy content that reflects your expertise.

We’ll brainstorm how to network with other therapists and professionals in your city (introvert-friendly, no cringe or spam involved).

Get answers to your questions about SEO and ranking on Google in real time.

You also will have access to any new programs I release while you’re in the 1-1 contract, and you will have access for as long as those programs are being sold (ie: their lifetime).

Current offer suite:

Therapy Groups for Profitability – normally
USD 47


Content Conversion for Clients and Cash course (currently being recorded) – normally USD 1197

Google Business Profile course – normally USD 97

Reddit AMA course – normally USD 47

Wondering if this program is for you?

  • Are a mental health therapist, holistic healer, or alternative wellness provider and you already have your own business.
  • Have a goal of hitting $100k/year in under 15 hours of client work per week. But, you’re wobbly on how to make that transition more profitable without support and guidance.
  • Can handle working on your business marketing in the beginning to set up the transition. Plan on 2-3 hours per day on top of your current client work.
  • Are motivated, open to new ideas, and ready for big change in your marketing and business strategies to scale your therapy practice in a way that most therapists in traditional private practice never will: a way that lets you live anywhere in the world, work when you want, and earn the income you desire.
  • Are determined to continue being a generalist practitioner (this doesn’t work to scale therapy practices effectively).
  • Have money trauma or savior trauma that hasn’t been worked through in therapy and results in you being unwilling to change the following behaviors:
    • Working with everyone who asks out of guilt, scarcity, and lack.
    • Charging below what your clients’ results are worth.
    • Helping everyone, regardless of what that means for you and your income, family, schedule, boundaries, life, etc.
    • Staying in fear of being visible and therefore not marketing your business consistently.

Frequently asked questions…

What is the cost?

USD 8,997 for 9 months of 1-1 support, any and all programs I offer or will offer during your time in the contract, full copy re-writes on the starting assets you’ll need to begin marketing, 18 private check-in and strategy calls, and M-F voice memo and text access for same-day questions and support.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You have the option of two payments of $4500, or monthly payments of $1000. If neither of these work for you, please DM me on Facebook or Instagram or email me and we can work something out.

What should my top struggles be if I join this program?

  • Writing you’re-in-my-head advertising copy (on your directory listings and website) that converts clients who show up to appointments, don’t cancel last minute, miss payments, or need insurance to pay for sessions.
  • Money boundaries and policies in your business, ie: you…
    • Have a loosey-goosey attendance/cancellation policy.
    • Are charging five different rates depending on the client.
    • Slide your fee when you know you shouldn’t.
    • Find yourself regularly re-scheduling clients into hours you wanted to be at home with your family or reading your book at the beach.
  • You’re not consistently getting inquiries from clients and you have some appointment gaps in your schedule.

If these sound like you, you are a GREAT fit for the program. Hooray!

Instead of continuing to do what you’ve already done (the stuff that hasn’t worked)…

Let’s set up 2024 and 2025 to be the most fulfilling and lucrative years you’ve had in your therapy practice yet…

🥳 Quantum leap to the $8-10k/month mark.

🥳 Work the schedule you want: whether you’re a morning person and you want to work 7am-12pm, or you’re a night owl and want to work 6pm-11pm. Whatever floats your 6-figure boat. You’re the boss!

🥳 Work with the clients you really WANT to work with: no more taking whoever calls out of desperation, fear, or lack mindset.

🥳 Let your nanny go. Be available to drop your kids off at school, pick them up, and help them with their homework.

🥳 Take sick days and holidays unapologetically and without worrying about your income.

🥳 Book those anniversary trip tickets to Croatia you’ve been eyeing.

it’s time…

…for a completely different business experience, lifestyle, and income level.

Let’s go!